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Mathematics & Statistics

The Sevier County School System is celebrating National Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month in February! Research shows that mathematics is more important than ever before. Math is required in order for students to pursue higher education, it is used in our everyday lives, and in modern day occupations. When addressing real world problems, we use math for budgeting, taxes, cooking, scheduling, shopping, and more. We see math being used on a higher level for things such as: internet security, sustainability, disease control, climate change, analyzing data, and much more!

Family engagementmathematics, and statistics are vital components to your child’s academic success and future achievements. Even if it has been a long time since you’ve studied math, you can still help your child by following the tips provided.

Math Tips for Families

  1. Be positive about math.
  2. Show your child math at work in their world. For example: let them measure when you bake;  ask them figure out how many miles you’ll be driving on your next trip by using a map; help with measurements using a tape measure, scale or ruler.
  3. Make math a game. “Go Fish” teaches counting and grouping in sets. Games that use money teach how to make change. Board games with dice teach addition and counting. Chess, Backgammon and Checkers teach strategy.
  4. Encourage problem-solving. Ask, “How many routes are there to school and which the shortest, farthest etc. is”; “How many different ways can I measure flour to get half a cup?” Try to come up with more than one solution for everyday problems.
  5. Encourage your child to explain his problem-solving process so you can understand his/her reasoning.